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Rotary tiller two main topics: use and maintenance

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Rotary tiller two main topics: use and maintenance

Agricultural machinery has brought many conveniences for the field work, so that the crops no longer "depend on the day", the agricultural industry has truly realized modernization. While we are using farm tools, proper maintenance is also essential. Today we will look at the two main topics of rotary tiller.

1. Use correctly

1. The correct use condition is to control the cutter shaft and the speed of the tractor. Dry tillage operation speed for 2-3 km/h, water or harrow fields for 3 to 5 km/h, usually dry tillage cultivation resistance or larger when the soil with low gear advisable, speed 200 r/min, the smaller the cultivation resistance in the plow, harrow, and water soil with high speed, the speed of 270 r/min.

2. Because of the different structure of the hydraulic suspension and power output shaft of the tractor, the operation of rotary tiller is different. One is that the tractor hydraulic suspension mechanism and the power output shaft are respectively drives, which are not subject to the rotation of the power output shaft, that is, the lifting of the rotary cultivator is not affected by the power output shaft. Secondly tractor hydraulic suspension and power output shaft is linked, the model only when the power output shaft rotation can promote rotary cultivator, get stuck in the mud so if meet the knife, the knife shaft, because of the heavy load and make the tractor rotary cultivator is impossible rises by accident, should remove the universal joint on the power output shaft, with the help of the power output shaft idling force to promote rotary cultivator, at this time to take off the block knife shaft rotation.

2. Correct maintenance

According to the time period, the maintenance work is divided into two kinds, one is the homework after class per class and maintenance, concrete contents are as follows: check the screw down the connecting bolt, check the wearing parts with and without defects, such as bolt, split pin need to change if necessary; Check the transmission box, 10 bytes and bearing whether the oil is short of oil. The second is the quarterly maintenance after the quarterly completion of each job: thoroughly remove the dirt and grease from the machine tool, and replace the lubricating oil and grease; Check whether the blade is overworn, change new when necessary, check the machine cover, drag board, etc., to restore its original shape or new; Check the appearance of the machine tools. If any defect is necessary, apply oil and rust on the curved knife and spline shaft. In long term, the rotary tractor supporting rotary tractor should be placed on the horizontal ground, but not on the tractor.

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